Curiosity about our shared human experience has led me to explore outer nature, relationships, business structures, leadership, communication and our inner nature through coaching because deepening the connection with ourselves and others deepens the entire experience. As much as I see life as a grand adventure that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with challenges, pain and the blindside of the unexpected. Those painful moments are often the signal for change. Together, when you are ready, we can heed those signs. With JCS Coaching and Consulting, I have created a safe environment for you to relax and express yourself.

We will combine different processes designed to help you feel more alive and fluid in the moment. We will collaborate to expand the way you may be defining yourself, your partners, co-workers, neighbors, and other important relationships. We will invite in flow and ease. Once that fluidity becomes second nature, moments of success and failure no longer define you. You know who you are in any moment. Life is transformed. It is no longer seen as a series of separate puzzle pieces trying to fit together but might instead be seen as the creative exploration of being wholly you -exactly who you were meant to be.

"I'm super happy with my thing! And this is a great, clear, and descriptive testimonial from a very happy person that illustrates how well your product/process works."

~ Happy Customer